Alex Price’s top Ocean Swim Tips

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Fast Swimming Secret Tip – Head Position (2of2)

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How to Swim : How to Swim Head-High Freestyle

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Open Water Swim Tips – Buoy Turns

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How To Swim Faster Freestyle

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How to Swim : How to Swim the Trudgen Stroke

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Weight Gain Due To Training For Marathon

According to the new reports of survey for getting rid of the extra pounds physical exercises may not be actually ideal. First timers of the marathon actually gain weight quickly. The entire 26 miles is completed by 46 percent of the people feel their body weight lower than when they begin doing the training.

54 percent of the people opine that they gain weight after taking part in the marathon. Exercises which are extreme are usually not advisable for people who are in search of weight loss. Usually the result is same for those who complete the half marathon.

The reason for most is that they eat more than they burn the calories. Distance runners of the first time were at a dismal state as they had lost very few pounds. It has a become a trend to take part in the marathon be it half marathon or full marathon. Whether the people are losing weight is not what matters rather what matters is that people are becoming conscious of fitness. People are getting into good shape.

Despite people gaining weight by the three forms of marathon – half, full and 10 km it is the training procedure which increases the weight of people. It is proven with the facts that people also diet along with running in the marathon. It is an overestimation of the calorie output with calorie input which does not match and people feel that running will make them lose calories.

It does tone the muscles and gives proper shape to the otherwise loose body and sagging skin. Percentage of the fat of body is decreasing but by small measurements. Along with it eating what you require in small amount is desired for actual decrease of the weight from the body.

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Triathlon (Open Water) Swim Tips Ep3 – Dealing With Cold Water – Speedo, Presented by Protriathlon

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Learn how to swim at Bondi Beach – Lesson 2

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Former Aussie Swimming Champ Pleads Guilty With Wife On Cocaine Charges

Erstwhile Aussie swimming champ Geoff Huegill & his wife Sara have reportedly pleaded guilty against cocaine charges imposed on them.

The swimmer & his publicist better-half were arrested with cocaine at Randwick racecourse private suite last month. The duo appeared in the local Waverly court this morning.  Waverly court magistrate placed the couple on a 6-month of good-behavior bond & recorded no question of conviction, citing that the very consequences for the couple were way greater than whatever a court might impose.

Both the swimmer & his wife have expressed apologies to their daughters, family, friends & business partners. “The two very significant people we should thank for our support & most significantly express apology to are, actually our beautiful daughters”, said the retired Aussie swimmer.

“We are really grateful for the love they have shown to us at this dire moment & we recognize as well as realize that while they’re very young at this moment, someday in future, I & Sara would have conversation with them & hopefully it won’t affect their lives. Both my wife and I take up the entire responsibility of the consequences which we find ourselves in here. We do recognize that our actions would result to these consequences.”

The couple admitted that charges received by them have actually posed a negative effect  on their sponsorship contracts but haven’t revealed the density of the effect.

Double Olympic medalist Geoff Huegill can be said to be the latest high-end Aussie swimmer to get himself in spotlight. Olympic greats Grant Hackett & Ian Thorpe have both wasted time in rehabilitation this year.

Thorpe was sent to rehab for depression & alcohol abuse whilst Hackett had his American rehab stint owing to sleeping-pill addiction.

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