Butterfly Swimming Technique – How to swim butterfly

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| February 18th, 2014 | Posted in Swimming |

25 Responses to “Butterfly Swimming Technique – How to swim butterfly”

  1. GoPro Says:

    Video of the Day!

    How’s your butterfly stroke? Brush up on some technique in this edit by
    Nikita Belousov.

  2. Yoosuf Muhammad Says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  3. SkazanyNaSport Says:

    what technique is the fastest?

  4. Fpsbros30 Says:

    butterfly is da esiest swin even a 3 year old can do it

  5. MiChEllEc806 Says:

    How do you get your butterfly kick that fast?! I’ve been trying to getting
    a stronger faster dolphin kick, but it’s just so hard!!!!

  6. Attizzoso Dissaldato Says:

    fast&furious swimming

  7. chris diamond Says:

    strong swimmer

  8. TheGhostrider999 Says:

    How did you film that

  9. Natació Pas de la Casa SAECE Says:

    Video model de referència en Papallona

  10. Bashar Alkhalil Says:

    Butterfly stroke

  11. Brian Tam Says:

    Your a really good swimmer. Your video helped me alit. Ty

  12. Federico Moris Says:
  13. Học Bơi Says:

    great video ;)

  14. hunmatt Says:

    Please make the same video with a woman.

  15. Jan Luft Says:

    I like the forward head shot on the stroke. You can really see how the
    hands pull and then push the water back. It’s tricky for me to get the
    rhythm of the stroke right. It gives me a sore back… so I’ve tended to
    shy away from it.

  16. BrosWithaGoPro Says:

    How did you get the front shot? 

  17. Danny Epstein Says:

    danm how deep is that pool?

  18. Nikoo Az Says:

    i couldnt not like it
    its awesome how he swims 

  19. Patrick Reilly Says:

    How fast can the guy in this video go in a 100 yard short course butterfly?

  20. J. James Burke Says:

    Guess the swimmers must prefer to remain anonymous!

  21. Marco Lima Says:

    Thank you very much! I’ll try to do it!

  22. Jose Garcia Says:

    Does it matter if your hands almost cross because when you do your stroke I
    see that the hands almost touch when they go back in the water my coaches
    always tell me not to do that… 

  23. Sidharth Sreekumar Says:

    Thanks For The Tips.. I Can Swim Well But Can’t Do Underwater Swimming
    Good. Any Help? Also How to Stay Floated in a way like we sit and talk..

  24. TheRoflcopterGod Says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you could explain how the movement of his legs and
    torso is so smooth as I can move my arms fluidly through the water during
    butterfly but my kicking, while ok, I feel is ill proportioned to my arms
    in getting me effectively through the water. My kicks tend to exit the
    water and always seem to get too high up no matter the stroke I use.

  25. dave jones Says:

    was he a once merman