How to Swim 500 Yards Continuously : Swimming to Win

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| April 16th, 2014 | Posted in Swimming |

6 Responses to “How to Swim 500 Yards Continuously : Swimming to Win”

  1. Samuel Arthur Says:

    It is an Endless Pool. Great for swimming at home and working on technique,
    endurance, training, etc…

  2. Tophertmill Says:

    Hi and thanks, I took up swimming for exercise about 9 months ago aged 56,
    its been great and your tips mirror what I have learned and yes I think
    I’ve done 64 lengths in a 25m pool ( something I watched my son do when he
    was between 10 and 12, he remembers me holding up the numbers!) One thing I
    noticed was that those who swim with ease tend to wear goggles, so got
    some! learn to get ones head wet and breath etc, Swimming is fun

  3. Joe Ochoa Says:

    What kind of pool is that?

  4. Joe Ochoa Says:

    Thank you.

  5. TheFlashover3 Says:

    Moley Moley Moley !!!! Nice to mole you I mean meet you hahahaha

  6. Samuel Arthur Says:

    I have a couple friends who have used the Endless Pool to train for Open
    Water Swimming and Triathlons. It really seems like a great environment for