How to Swim Breaststroke by JimmyDShea

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| March 18th, 2014 | Posted in Swimming |

25 Responses to “How to Swim Breaststroke by JimmyDShea”

  1. Hannah Hansen Says:

    r u a lifeguard..

  2. Danny Templeton Says:

    Are you supposed to go deep after taking the breath of air? I’ve seen
    videos where you are supposed to stay basically near the surface of the
    water. I like your instructional style. Any advice on the breast stroke
    would sure help. I’m 54 and just now learning how to swim. 

  3. Mechelle Steyn Says:

    let me know when you are in South Africa – my daughter can do with your
    help!! :)

  4. prakash nambiar Says:

    Thank you chief.

  5. farmer07089 Says:

    great vid man thank you for your service 

  6. Alton Slater Says:


  7. Kawaru Zeito Says:

    Thanks for the tutorial 😀 It helps me a lot~ I was in a swimming club, my
    friends and i made it, my friends picked me as the captain, so i need to
    train my teams T-T anyway, thanks for making a wonderful tutorial video :3

  8. mataramasukomaya Says:

    best clear definitions , thnx

  9. İsmail Fidan Says:

    where are you living?

  10. silentwings5764 Says:


  11. machuca53 Says:

    Thanks, this will help a lot!!

  12. tyler parsons Says:

    dont matter by akon man

  13. babuun Says:

    I really needed someone to show me how to do turnaround. Thanks JommyD.

  14. KeepEarthClean, ItsNotUranus Says:

    I sink like a rock whenever i exhale underwater.

  15. Audrey Yin Says:

    thank u so much for the very clear instruction.

  16. TheAsianKiddo Says:

    akon dont matter

  17. Bam Baam Says:

    that was useful, thanks.

  18. Jerome Lim Says:

    Jimmy, I love your hairy pits!

  19. James Green Says:

    WOW he’s was taught well by a great instructor

  20. Bidisha Paul Says:

    great coach… very clear and lucid style.. practically learnt my freestyle
    from Jimmy : ) have moved on to breast stroke now 😀

  21. Vincent Zou Says:

    Cool! Practical & Funny!

  22. Moe Joe Says:

    Yeah what ever cuntface, by the sounds of it, you must be a fuck buddy for
    him with that kind of defense.

  23. Lihil Uthpala Subasinghe Says:

    No body wanna see us together – Akon

  24. bsterliau Says:

    THE BEST SONG EVER (akon – dont matter)

  25. samsilog24 Says:

    Hope i can do this tomorrow :||